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2J Supply Celebrates our 60th Anniversary


2J Supply Turns 60: It All Began in Dayton, OH

The date was March 1, 1962, when Jim Winget and Jerry Trimbach joined forces to launch a company that now boasts a six-decade legacy of providing the best quality HVAC products to loyal contractors in Ohio and beyond. That company was named 2J Supply, owing its title to Jim and Jerry’s shared first initial. While this company’s name had simple origins, the customer-focused work that has powered our growth for over half a century has been far from basic. Today, many of our 120 employees were not yet born when Jim and Jerry spoke of a need for what they termed an “HVAC distribution house”, but our anniversary shows that their shared vision remains prescient.

Over the years we have outgrown multiple headquarters in Dayton, OH and have expanded our geographic footprint to include facilities in Kentucky, West Virginia, and as of 2022, Indiana. While we have expanded, we have done so strategically and carefully, and always with the goal of further improving the valued relationships we maintain with our customers and HVAC equipment manufacturers.

2J Supply Turns 60: It All Began in Dayton, OH

60 Decades Serving HVAC Contractors In Ohio and Beyond

Much has changed in the world since our founding back in 1962, but one thing that remains the same is 2J Supply’s focus on serving HVAC contractors for all their equipment needs. Although we have expanded the suite of products we offer and forged new relationships with manufacturers, these changes have only served to make our offering even more formidable. In addition to our products and physical locations across OH, WV, KY, and IN we have also developed an advanced website that makes finding the HVAC equipment and parts our customers need a seamless process. We put ourselves in the shoes (and work boots) of these contractors to ensure that our offerings are always meeting their needs.

Contractor Focused Since Our Founding

Jim and Jerry’s vision for an “HVAC Distribution House” turned out to be an excellent business idea, but its success was only achieved through hard work and keeping a constant focus on our contractor customer base. By putting our HVAC Contractors first for 60 years we have earned their loyalty and remained able to serve them by providing quality HVAC products from our trusted manufacturers. In the old days

Long-standing Relationships with Manufacturers

In addition to maintaining decades-long relationships with our HVAC contractor customer base, 2J Supply has been building relationships with quality HVAC manufacturers that are built on mutual trust. By working with elite manufacturers, we can ensure that product quality always meets our customers’ expectations. By distributing products in a reliable and efficient fashion, our manufacturers work hard to supply 2J with the HVAC products our customers need when they need them. In addition to their product quality and distribution consistency, our manufacturing partners have been developing products to meet ever-changing environmental regulations, which can help you avoid issues on job sites.

Three Generations of Family Ownership Keep Our Founding Values Alive

We have all seen it before. A company is formed with values that help to meet customer needs but over the years ownership changes occur and the original mission is forgotten or diluted, leaving loyal customers in the lurch. Thankfully, 2J Supply has been guided by three generations of family ownership, each of which has refused to lose sight of Jim and Jerry’s contractor focused founding philosophy. The current and third generation of family ownership began in 2018 when Kevin Trimbach and Jason Trimbach took the helm. With consistent family ownership safekeeping our legacy, 2J Supply is celebrating 60 years serving our much-appreciated customers and gearing up to remain your HVAC distributor of choice for many decades to come.