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Reasons to Buy from an Established HVAC Supply House


Accessing Great Products Is One of Many Reasons to Buy from an Established HVAC Supply House

If you are shopping for HVAC products and want to purchase them from an established HVAC supply house in OH, WV, KY, and IN, you are in the right place. When you buy from 2J Supply, you will be gaining more than quality HVAC products. With sixty years in business as an established supply house, we have formed relationships with the top HVAC equipment manufacturers and reliably provided HVAC customers across the region with the equipment they need. We have also developed an innovative online platform that continues to improve the ordering process for our loyal customers.

As we will detail below, this combination of reliable delivery, inventory maintenance, access to top HVAC products, and easy ordering makes choosing an established supply house the right decision if you are an HVAC contractor looking to make your jobs simpler.

2J Supply Was Founded 60 Years Ago and Maintains Our Founding Vision

60 years ago, 2J Supply was founded in Ohio with the goal of becoming a trusted HVAC supply house. Today we continue working with this goal in mind by offering the best HVAC products from top brands while also expanding the areas we serve to now include WV, KY, and IN. We have been able to not only maintain our founding vision but to build upon it. Throughout our decades in business, we have both expanded the geographies that we serve and the manufacturers whose products we distribute. These products range from Air Handlers to HVAC testing equipment and everything in between, so the breadth of offering at a supply house like ours is extensive as well as high quality.

An Established HVAC Supply House in OH, WV, KY, and IN Like Ours Can Keep Products Stocked

Something that an established HVAC supply house in OH, WV, KY, and IN like ours has mastered is keeping inventory stocked. One reason our HVAC contractor customers have grown so loyal is that they know 2J Supply will always have what they need in stock or available promptly. When you begin to shop here you can do so trusting that you are forming a relationship with a distributor that knows what contractors like you need and keeps these tools in our inventory.

We Stock Our Branches with Equipment and Tools from the World’s Top HVAC Manufacturers

Maintaining product inventories is crucial, but another reason to choose to shop at an established HVAC supply house in OH, WV, KY, and IN is the quality of manufacturers whose products they will sell. To ensure our products are of the highest quality possible, 2J Supply has formed relationships with the world’s most elite HVAC equipment manufacturers. Some of the many top suppliers whose products you will find for sale here include Bosch, Ducane, and Ruud.

As An Established Supply House, We Know Customers Come First

If there is one thing we have learned over our decades of success and growth in business, it is that putting customers first must always be our top priority. One way we do this that goes beyond our products and customer service is through our website. Over the years, we have developed our online platform to make shopping at 2J Supply simpler. On our website you can register for an account, easily quote and order online at any time of day without having to call in your order, and even set up automated reminders to re-order frequently used products using our Job Lists software. An Established HVAC Supply House in OH, WV, KY, and IN like 2J Supply knows well the pain points our contractors face and we have found ways to alleviate many of these through both our supply chain management and innovative website.

Would you like to experience the difference in service, delivery, and product quality that comes with forming a relationship with an established supply house like ours? If so, we invite you to contact your local branch location or register for an online account today.