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The AirEase Dealer Program can help drive your business! Ever wonder what our current contractors have to say about working with AirEase? When asked why they wanted to become an AIREASE dealer, our contractors said this:

  • Love the Product  "I have worked with AirEase for the last 11 years and I absolutely love the equipment."  - Rob, Kentucky
  • Simple to Install "During these challenging times, it is quick and easy to teach new techs how to install AirEase." - Mark, Ohio
  • Low Call Backs "We have had low call-back rates after AirEase installs." - Chip, West Virginia

AirEase is designed, built, and tested to the highest industry standards resulting in low failures that allow us to offer generous labor warranties on all residential models you purchase.

Call your 2J Supply representative to learn how you can become an AirEase dealer today! 
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Cincinnati Branch: John Schlangen 937-269-5211 or Jenny Wilk 513-541-7000   |   Columbus Branch: David Morris 614-927-1001  |   Lexington Branch: Kyle Bowman 502-873-6514   |   Louisville: Jody Harral 502-269-5533 or Megan Tipton-McCoy 502-438-4236   |   Lima Branch: Darl Snyder 567-825-2280   |   Piketon & Huntington Branch: Keith Prose 304-730-0776   |   Corbin Branch: Andy Agee 859-248-0575   |   Toledo Branch: Tim Keifer: 419-571-7130

2J Supply is the Go-To Supply House for AirEase HVAC Equipment in OH, WV, KY, and IN

2J Supply has been in business for over 60 years reliably providing the products HVAC contractors need in an expanding region that now includes OH, WV, KY, and IN. One of the key aspects fueling our success and the success of the HVAC contractors who buy from us is the quality of the equipment we sell. This includes AirEase HVAC equipment designed for a diverse range of installations. AirEase is a manufacturer that designs and produces HVAC equipment that is easy to install, designed to work reliably, and available for order at 2J Supply. You can learn more about AirEase products by reading more below and you can discover more specifics by browsing our inventory.

AirEase Equipment Requires Limited Training to Install with Ease

Given their name, it only makes sense that AirEase equipment is installed with ease. If you are an HVAC contractor that already uses AirEase products or has in the past, you know this to be true. If you are considering using the brand, you should know that the intuitive design of their products means your technicians will require minimal training to comfortably perform installations. With 2J Supply’s ability to deliver AirEase HVAC products consistently and your ability to learn how to easily install this equipment, the switch to AirEase can take place with minimal interruption to your current processes. You can contact our team to find out more about how you can begin using AirEase HVAC equipment in OH, WV, KY, and IN on your jobs.

AirEase Products Are Designed to Work Smoothly, Minimizing Callbacks

AirEase products are not just easy to install, but they are designed to work smoothly. It should come as no surprise that when a manufacturer like AirEase designs their products to be installed with minimal effort, they also design them to work as intended for as long as they are expected to work. Our team at 2J Supply is determined not just to supply the HVAC equipment you need, but to make sure that it is built to last by top manufacturers. We want you to experience as few callbacks as possible and only visit jobsites when necessary, and AirEase HVAC equipment in OH, WV, KY, and IN help us make this happen.

2J Supply Distributes AirEase Air Handlers, Heat Pumps, Furnaces and More at Great Prices

Our website allows you to easily browse a complete list of the AirEase HVAC products we sell, but we will describe some of it here. Popular examples include air handlers that can be ordered in a variety of tonnages, outdoor air conditioner condensing units with a wide range of high SEERs, outdoor heat pumps, and more. Given how expansive our inventory of AirEase products is, you can comfortably begin working with the brand’s products knowing that our team at 2J Supply will be to deliver them to you on time and consistently.

Set Automated Re-Ordering Reminders of AirEase Prodcuts with Job Lists from 2J Supply

At 2J Supply we make quoting and ordering online easy for HVAC contractors who have access to our website, which you can easily register for today. Not only does our website allow registered members to seamlessly quote and order online, but thanks to our helpful Job Lists tool, you will be able to set up lists of AirEase products and more for seamless reordering. Job Lists also allow you to take ordering off your mind with their automated reorder notification feature that you can easily set. We have the AirEase HVAC equipment in OH, WV, KY, and IN that you need on your job sites, and we look forward to helping you place your first order soon!


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