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2J Supply is the Trusted Ruud HVAC Product Distributor in OH, WV, KY, and IN

If you want to work with a Ruud HVAC product distributor in OH, WV, KY, and IN that has 60 years of experience serving the region’s HVAC contractors, 2J Supply is the company to come to. We proudly sell Ruud HVAC equipment and accessories that were designed to make the work of contractors like you easier. Given our geographic footprint you can either purchase Ruud products through our 2J Supply branch office nearest to you, or order online through our easy to navigate website. Even if you plan to start or continue working with your branch office, you can explore our full suite of Ruud HVAC products online to learn the full extent of this reliable brand’s offering that you can access through our HVAC supply house.

Ruud Products are High Tech Designed With Contractors’ Needs In Mind

Something that makes the Ruud brand special is that they seek the opinions of HVAC contractors when they develop new products and improve their existing HVAC equipment. What makes them even more special is that they do not just seek opinions from contractors, but they listen and take these thoughts into account. By understanding their products’ and their end users' needs, Ruud can design and manufacture HVAC equipment that is easy to install, reliable, and competitively priced. Thanks to the Ruud equipment we distribute, you can provide even more reliable heating and cooling services for your customers.

We Distribute Ruud HVAC Equipment in OH WV, KY, and IN that Serves Diverse Needs

While you can explore the full list of Ruud HVAC equipment you can order through our supply house, we want you to know that it includes hydronics equipment like condensing tankless water heaters, general purpose blowers and draft inducers, and mini splits. When you begin exploring our complete inventory, you will quickly see that this list only begins scratching the surface of the Ruud equipment you can order here. Every Ruud product we sell will work reliably and make both installation and maintenance work simpler for you, maximizing your time and profit margins.

Our Ruud Product Selection Also Includes Useful Accessories and HVAC Supplies

Beyond the Ruud equipment you can order, we also sell useful HVAC accessories that are designed to make your installations and maintenance work simpler. These include Ruud air conditioning and refrigeration components like expansion valves, capacitors, air conditioner airflow economizers, and many more. Our goal is to serve as your reliable Ruud HVAC product distributor in PA, WV, KY, and IN and one of the ways we do this is by maintaining the most expansive suite of quality accessories possible.

Not Familiar Working with Ruud Products? Contact Us for Guidance on Your Order

Among the many benefits of choosing 2J Supply as your supply house is our experience. With 60 years of experience providing HVAC contractors in OH and beyond with top quality products, we do not just keep excellent equipment in stock, we have the knowledge needed to recommend the right solution(s) for your business. Whether you are familiar with Ruud equipment or not, you can contact us to discuss your needs and ask questions about any of Ruud’s solutions we sell prior to placing an order. We want to make sure you order exactly what you need on your jobsites and can provide advice whenever needed!

Whenever you are ready, you can order from the trusted Ruud HVAC product distributor in PA, WV, KY, and IN through our website or from your local branch office, and you can also contact us by phone if you prefer to talk through your orders and ask questions of our knowledgeable team. Whichever way you prefer to order your HVAC equipment, we are ready to serve you and get you the products you need on time!


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