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Ordering HVAC Equipment From 2J Supply by Phone? You Are Missing Out on Instant Quotes!

Have you grown accustomed to picking up the phone to place or quote your HVAC equipment orders with 2J Supply? If so, while we know our team is great to speak with, you are doing more work than needed to get the quotes and HVAC product you need. Available for HVAC contractors with online accounts only, our innovative ‘Job Lists’ technology makes instant quoting and repeated HVAC equipment orders seamless. We developed this convenient solution to become even easier to work with and our loyal customers who have been taking advantage of the new functionality are enjoying the time saved ordering the parts their job sites require. We invite you to read on to learn more, then register for an online account to enjoy the benefits our Job Lists provide. As you will learn below, the benefits of an online account are many and the

Repeated Orders and Instant Quotes Made Easy with ‘Job Lists’ Only for Online Accounts

If you have HVAC equipment and parts that must remain in adequate supply at your jobsite, shop, and truck, an online account with 2J Supply will make ordering and reordering a painless process. Job Lists are a digital tool we offer to HVAC contractors who are registered for online accounts that allow you to create an online shopping cart but with more functionality. Our Job Lists make quickly putting together an order list of HVAC equipment and components from top manufacturers like LG, AirEase, and Ducane simple. Job Lists allow you to then save the order list and reorder these supplies with just a couple of clicks when it is time to replenish your inventory. We also make reordering easier to remember thanks to automated reminders that you can set for your job lists, and which we will detail below.

Set Helpful Automated Reminders for HVAC Equipment Orders in OH, WV, KY, and IN

In addition to easily re-ordering the HVAC products you need with our Job Lists, you can also set automated reminders to notify you when it is time to place your next order. Our team has been serving HVAC contractors for 60 years and we understand how busy our customers are. When developing our Job Lists technology, we knew we had to try to take more than one headache away from customers like you. That is why we developed the ability for you to set automatic reminders that alert you when it is time to place your next order to keep your equipment inventory stocked. With Job Lists and automated reminders, 2J Supply can act as both your HVAC equipment supplier and your virtual assistant if you register for an online account!

Get Informed About New Products First with a 2J Supply Online Account

In addition to being able to conveniently order and re-order quality HVAC products in OH, KY, WV, and IN, customers registered for online accounts will be among the first to be notified when new products become available on our platform along with other exciting events at 2J Supply. We work hard to keep our customers informed and when we take actions like adding new manufacturers, products, and facility locations and we want you to hear this news first!

Registering for a 2J Supply Online Account is a Quick and Painless Process!

Signing up for an online account with 2J Supply is painless and will take only a few minutes of your time. We require minimal information about your business to sign up, including a basic online form and, if you are not currently a 2J Supply customer, a downloadable credit and cash account application form as well. If you have worked with us in the past or want to experience working with a reliable HVAC supplier that delivers products from top manufacturers on time, sign up today for your company’s online account and reap the benefits of our easily navigable online platform and enjoy saving time in your day with our Job Lists